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Best Apps for a Hotter Body

Pocket yoga

When you’re working on your fitness goals, and making changes to both your body and your lifestyle, there’s a lot to consider. In addition to your regular workouts and healthy eating routine, it’s important to keep working on your body even when you’re going about your typical day. In an effort to stay on top of your body goals, and to look as fantastic as possible, you can turn to your smartphone – there are countless apps that can help you track your progress no matter your location. Here are the top apps for achieving the body of your dreams, and getting as fit and healthy as you’d like.


Consistently ranked as one of the best smartphone apps for those who are working hard on their fitness and body goals, MyFitnessPal allows its users to track just about every aspect of their health journey. Its most popular feature is its food and calorie counting capability; input your meals and snacks throughout the day, and MyFitnessPal will help you stay within your calorie goals, offering guidance and reminders if you need a nudge or two. You can also use the app to track your goals. Just enter your height, your current weight, and the weight you’d like to achieve, and MyFitnessPal will guide you on how to hit that goal. Oh, and you can enter your workouts as well, which the app uses to determine how many calories you’re burning in addition to what you consume.

6 Pack Abs

One of the biggest signs of a hot body is a well sculpted 6-pack, or visible abs not covered by any layers of fat or flab. That’s where the app 6 Pack Abs can help – if achieving abs is one of your fitness and physical goals, you’ll want to use the workout routines offered by this smartphone app to slim down and tone up quickly. Created by Adrian James, a fitness model and actor, 6 Pack Abs can help you sculpt a better body in just two months. Get your summer body jumpstarted by using this app’s workouts two to three times each week, increasing your level of difficulty as your skill becomes better and better. From video workouts to step-by-step instructions and tips to get the most out of these workouts, 6 Pack Abs provides you with ready ab workouts wherever you are.

Pocket Yoga

Another exercise regimen that’s known to get your body toned and muscled is yoga – and regular practice with the Pocket Yoga app can do wonders for both your physical appearance and your fitness. Instead of hitting the gym or scheduling classes around your work schedule, Pocket Yoga allows you to work in a flexibility or stretching session on the go. Experts from the School of Gaia Flow guide you through 27 different yoga flows, each one tailored to certain muscles, different fitness levels, and even lengths of time. Every yoga workout in the app comes with voice and visual guidance, walking both new practitioners and experts through each routine with soothing directions and images.

Top 5 Skin Care Apps

Apps for skin care

We all know that popularity of iPhones and Smartphones is growing rapidly and this is not likely to slow until virtually everyone has a smart phone. Also, the way we look is also getting more attention. So if you combine the two together, there are lots of opportunities to make a whole bunch of apps, just to make sure that there actually is indeed an app for everything. There are apps to help you manage your finances, apps to track your fitness journey and apps to keep you entertained to name a few. There is even an app to help you care for your skin and here are our top 5.

Olay UV Monitor

This app from Olay allows you to check the UV levels and the weather conditions. With that, you will also find which SPF for your skin and the right moisturizer to use to keep your skin hydrated.


This app is used to get skin care treatment to another level. What you need to do is upload a photo of your skin condition then provide your medical history using this app. Within 24 hours you will receive a diagnosis from a dermatologist with a personalized treatment plan. The prescriptions are then sent digitally to the local pharmacy. This app will definitely save you a trip to a dermatologist. Spruce has board-certified dermatologist who can treat skin and hair problems.

Beauty Tips

Get beauty tips from different skin care experts through this iPhone app. You can also ask questions and be addressed by the professionals. Really pretty handy, especially if you need advice on an outfit or covering up skin blemishes.


This skin care app provides you with information on what you need to know about which product to use depending on your skin type. It has a catalog of over 160000 skin care products and you can track the products you’ve used before.


Visada is an app that uses state-of-the-art technology in order to analyze your picture in building a comprehensive beauty profile. This cool app can provide you with tips to keep your skin healthy and recommendations on the best products that you can use. There is also a fun side of the app where you can find your celebrity match.

Best Work Out Apps

Workout apps

At this day and age we have such an advantage as we have so much help to keep us healthy and fit. Take apps for example, there are so many health and fitness apps available today. Many of which are free or next to nothing in cost. So why aren’t more of us fit? Well, I think it’s because people don’t have time to stay fit and don’t know where to start. This is where these fitness apps come in. They let you know how to get maximum exercise benefit in the shortest time periods. So this really covers people from all bases, those without time and those who don’t know where to start.

So what are some of the best work out apps available today?

Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App

This is an awesome app. It’s one that will get you really fit really fast! All you need is 7 minutes a day. I think that everyone can handle that, even if you just sleep 7 minutes shorter. And the great thing about the Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App is that it has workout setting for all skill levels. And if you want to focus your workout on a specific part of your body, it can do that too. But possibly the best part of it is that it is free!


Sworkit is a great workout app that allows you to choose to work on strength building, yoga, cardio, or stretching. And one of the great things about this app is that it randomizes each workout in each category so that you don’t get stuck doing the same workout all the time and getting bored. Another great thing about Sworkit is that it is also free!


JEFIT is a workout app that is more focused on muscle building and strength training. So basically for those people looking to get ripped! It is loaded with plenty of exercise routines for each part of your body and comes with an exercise log and schedule to get the best out of your results. This app is also free, but the free version has ads you need to deal with. And the full version also adds extra features and removes ads.

Pocket Yoga

Yoga is gaining popularity fast, especially for men. If you went to a yoga studio several years ago, you might see 1 man in the class, and nowadays there is closer to a 60/40 spit (women to men). But some people don’t like going to a yoga class or don’t have time. This is where Pocket Yoga comes in. Pocket Yoga is set for all skill levels and has detailed voice and video instructions. However, this app is not free. It comes in at $2.99 which is still very cheap.

5 Worst Health Apps

Worst Apps

Smart phone applications are intended to aid and assist us in our various needs. But when it comes to our health, they are not experts that can provide the right solutions to our medical problems. However, some users rely more on these apps rather than consult an expert or a physician. Worse, there are a number of apps that are not found to be effective at all.

These applications not only provide misleading information or an artificial feeling of security, but they also come with a price as some of them are downloadable for a cost. Both government and private sector are now looking into the matter to curb this setback and establish a form of certification to protect users.

1. Acne Pwner

Another similar application that came under scrutiny with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is Acne Pwner. It also claimed remedy to acne problems with the use of smart phone light. To be exact, its ads stated that it can kill acne through the application which was not substantiated or proven.

2. Ringing Relief Pro

This one plays a sound in low frequency to cure tinnitus. An audiologist conversely declared that there is no cure for tinnitus.

3. Breast Augmentation

This app takes on the premise that lactating mothers develop larger breasts. But the app capitalizes on subliminal messaging to the brain by asking users to listen at least 20 times daily to the sound of baby crying. It claims that this will enable women, lactating or not, to develop bigger breasts. No scientific evidence can back up this claim.

4. AcneApp

AcneApp has long been removed from the online market. It claimed that with the use of light from smart phone, it can treat skin conditions like stretch marks or acne. The application may have referred to a British Journal of Dermatology study on the use of blue and red light on skin. On the other hand, it also claimed that the app is a phone-based clinical trial of the Baylor College of Medicine, although Baylor denied the connection.

5. uBaby

Through the use of various algorithms, this app can help determine the sex of a future baby. Although the creators have a disclaimer that other factors may influence a forthcoming baby’s gender, experts say that the basis of the algorithms is a mere myth.

Improve Your Golf Game With These Top Apps

Best golf apps

There are apps today that can pretty much help us do anything, including improving our golf game. Seeing as we love our golf and love our technology, we thought we would combine the two and let you know of our favorite golf apps. Or if you’re looking for a more practical approve to improve your golf game there are plenty of golf training aids available on the market such as the Medicus Driver, Practice Pod Pro, etc. Let’s start with the most basic of the apps and then give you some other great ones. Here you are.

Golf Rules

Golf actually has a lot of rules. A lot more than you would think. This is exactly the reason why we have the Golf Rules app always handy. It has definitely solved a few disagreements in the past and will probably do so in the future. A very handy app indeed.

Golf GPS & Scorecard – Swing by Swing Golf

This is another must have for all golfers. This app actually has each golf course in the world programmed into it so when you visit your local course or a course while you are on holiday, the app will have the GPS coordinates for the course. It will give you information such as which hole you are on, what the par is, and distance to hole. Very amazing!


This is a handy app that allows you to book a tee time for over 5,000 courses. Simply book the time on the app, very easy. It also give you the locations of your local golf courses so you don’t get lost finding a new course. And for free, why not check it out.

V1 Golf

This is a great app to improve your golf swing. You need to get someone to take a video of your swing and then you can compare your swing to a professional via a split screen image or even overlay. This way you will see if you are lifting your club too high or low as well as any other error you are making.

The History of Hard Drives


Hard DriveIf you’re like me, ever since hard drives have been around for residential use, I have always struggled to stay within the hard drive limit. Even these days with hard drives getting rather large in storage space. For me, hard drive space is much like my weight, it is very easy to fill the hard drive / put on weight but it is really difficult to make room / lose weight. Let’s hope that you are not all like me and have some space left over because having a full hard drive can actually slow down your computers performance. As an estimate, you want around 10gb’s of hard drive free space.

Well let’s get started with the history of hard drives. The hard drive was a major game changer and was invented by IBM. But it wasn’t until 1956 when commercial use of hard drives began.

The thing is that they were large! Very large. They were usually big enough to have their own separate box of the computer solely dedicated to the hard drive.

Since then each new hard drive replaced a larger and slower version. Now they come in two common sizes, for desktop computers they usually have a 3.5 inch hard drive and for laptops, they have a 2.5 inch hard drive.

There has also been a major re-advancement of hard drives where instead of a spinning hard drive, you can now get a flash or also known as a solid state hard drive. This makes the hard drive much faster and stable. You no longer have to worry so much about knocking your computer when it’s on as the hard drive will not be of risk of becoming corrupt. If you have ever used a solid state hard drive, you would notice a few things. The first being your computers performance has increased. The second is that your computer is far faster to boot up. And thirdly, your computer will be much quieter as you no longer need as many fans.

These days, the biggest hard drive you can get on the market as of today, is 10 TB! I might have some trouble filling that one! No more worries about hard drive space.


Top 5 Health Apps

Top health apps

We all want to keep in shape and healthy. These days there are tools that can make our lives easier when it comes to health. Health apps are quickly emerging and some are really good options. Of course there are also those that don’t work at all and are pretty much useless. So below we let you know some of our top app picks when it comes to health.


This is an awesome app for those who run, want to get into running or even those who enjoy walking or hiking. RunKeeper tracks your current speed, average speed, distance traveled, and gives you updates while you run. Because of these updates, you never even have to keep your screen while you run as a voice tells you everything you need to know every 10 minutes. A must have app for running/walking


Similar to RunKeeper but for your bike. Cyclemeter lets you know a wealth of information including current speed, maximum speed, distance, time taken, average speed as well as a graph representing your speed variations during your ride. It can also be used for cross country skiing or even running. A great app for those who love to ride.

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Mark

This app is for those who are suffering from stretch marks. And there are millions out there looking for solutions for this issue. This app gives you good tips on some cures for stretch marks such as creams, and other solutions such as laser therapy, or cosmetic surgery. There are also some home remedies on there. Most of the reviews are great however, there are some who don’t believe the options are feasible.


This is an awesome app for diagnosing certain illnesses. You put in your symptoms and the app comes up with the illness that you have. Depending on what your symptoms are, the app may come up with more than one illness that you may have. If you are ever in doubt, always go see your doctor for a second opinion. To make this easier, the app lists nearby health practitioners and pharmacies which is really handy.

The Official Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout

This 7 minute workout app is fantastic for those who have minimal time to work out each day. All you need is 7 minutes and this app will tell you exactly which exercises to do. It is a flexible app which allows you to choose different workouts and even how long the workout is. So if you have more time one day, you can choose a longer workout which is nice. And it’s free! That’s always nice.


Tips For Hard Drive Wiping

Free Hard Drive Wiping

Before you start the process of wiping your hard drive, there are some things that you will first need to do before you get started. So we put a list together from past experience and believe that this should help you as much as it helps us. Enjoy.

Download The Appropriate Hard Drive Wiping Software

Before you start, you will need to download a free hard drive wiping program. Here are a few that worked best for us: DBAN (Darik’s Boot And Nuke), CBL Data Shredder, ErAce, and HDShredder Free.

There’s No Going Back

When you delete files on your computer or format your hard drive, you can undelete them most of the time using recovery software that is until you have saved another file on top of the deleted one. But you have no control over this. This being said, make sure and then make sure again that there is no important data that you haven’t backed up yet. Perhaps even back it up twice in case your backup fails.

Set Aside Enough Time

You should always set aside enough time when working on your computer whatever you are doing. Wiping your hard drive and re-setting up the operating will take around three hours but this time may vary depending on your computer speed and hard drive size. Always make sure you can spend at least this long on the process as if you start running out of time and rush the process, you have the potential to forget about some files on your computer or pick the wrong settings when re-installing your operating system.

Have Healthy Snacks Ready

Wiping your hard drive and re-installing your operating system takes quite a while to do. For this reason I like to have healthy snacks prepared ahead of time otherwise I would go straight for the junk food and end up feeling sick afterwards. I usually have fruit, protein bars, a coffee, and lots of water ready to go. It may seem strange me saying this until you start to crave junk food a quarter way through the process.

Once you have completed this process successfully, you can feel comfortable that the information on your hard drive has been removed forever. This is also great for when you decide to sell your computer.