Month: January 2015

Tips For Hard Drive Wiping

Free Hard Drive Wiping

Before you start the process of wiping your hard drive, there are some things that you will first need to do before you get started. So we put a list together from past experience and believe that this should help you as much as it helps us. Enjoy.

Download The Appropriate Hard Drive Wiping Software

Before you start, you will need to download a free hard drive wiping program. Here are a few that worked best for us: DBAN (Darik’s Boot And Nuke), CBL Data Shredder, ErAce, and HDShredder Free.

There’s No Going Back

When you delete files on your computer or format your hard drive, you can undelete them most of the time using recovery software that is until you have saved another file on top of the deleted one. But you have no control over this. This being said, make sure and then make sure again that there is no important data that you haven’t backed up yet. Perhaps even back it up twice in case your backup fails.

Set Aside Enough Time

You should always set aside enough time when working on your computer whatever you are doing. Wiping your hard drive and re-setting up the operating will take around three hours but this time may vary depending on your computer speed and hard drive size. Always make sure you can spend at least this long on the process as if you start running out of time and rush the process, you have the potential to forget about some files on your computer or pick the wrong settings when re-installing your operating system.

Have Healthy Snacks Ready

Wiping your hard drive and re-installing your operating system takes quite a while to do. For this reason I like to have healthy snacks prepared ahead of time otherwise I would go straight for the junk food and end up feeling sick afterwards. I usually have fruit, protein bars, a coffee, and lots of water ready to go. It may seem strange me saying this until you start to crave junk food a quarter way through the process.

Once you have completed this process successfully, you can feel comfortable that the information on your hard drive has been removed forever. This is also great for when you decide to sell your computer.