Month: March 2015

Top 5 Health Apps

Top health apps

We all want to keep in shape and healthy. These days there are tools that can make our lives easier when it comes to health. Health apps are quickly emerging and some are really good options. Of course there are also those that don’t work at all and are pretty much useless. So below we let you know some of our top app picks when it comes to health.


This is an awesome app for those who run, want to get into running or even those who enjoy walking or hiking. RunKeeper tracks your current speed, average speed, distance traveled, and gives you updates while you run. Because of these updates, you never even have to keep your screen while you run as a voice tells you everything you need to know every 10 minutes. A must have app for running/walking


Similar to RunKeeper but for your bike. Cyclemeter lets you know a wealth of information including current speed, maximum speed, distance, time taken, average speed as well as a graph representing your speed variations during your ride. It can also be used for cross country skiing or even running. A great app for those who love to ride.

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Mark

This app is for those who are suffering from stretch marks. And there are millions out there looking for solutions for this issue. This app gives you good tips on some cures for stretch marks such as creams, and other solutions such as laser therapy, or cosmetic surgery. There are also some home remedies on there. Most of the reviews are great however, there are some who don’t believe the options are feasible.


This is an awesome app for diagnosing certain illnesses. You put in your symptoms and the app comes up with the illness that you have. Depending on what your symptoms are, the app may come up with more than one illness that you may have. If you are ever in doubt, always go see your doctor for a second opinion. To make this easier, the app lists nearby health practitioners and pharmacies which is really handy.

The Official Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout

This 7 minute workout app is fantastic for those who have minimal time to work out each day. All you need is 7 minutes and this app will tell you exactly which exercises to do. It is a flexible app which allows you to choose different workouts and even how long the workout is. So if you have more time one day, you can choose a longer workout which is nice. And it’s free! That’s always nice.