Month: November 2015

Improve Your Golf Game With These Top Apps

Best golf apps

There are apps today that can pretty much help us do anything, including improving our golf game. Seeing as we love our golf and love our technology, we thought we would combine the two and let you know of our favorite golf apps. Or if you’re looking for a more practical approve to improve your golf game there are plenty of golf training aids available on the market such as the Medicus Driver, Practice Pod Pro, etc. Let’s start with the most basic of the apps and then give you some other great ones. Here you are.

Golf Rules

Golf actually has a lot of rules. A lot more than you would think. This is exactly the reason why we have the Golf Rules app always handy. It has definitely solved a few disagreements in the past and will probably do so in the future. A very handy app indeed.

Golf GPS & Scorecard – Swing by Swing Golf

This is another must have for all golfers. This app actually has each golf course in the world programmed into it so when you visit your local course or a course while you are on holiday, the app will have the GPS coordinates for the course. It will give you information such as which hole you are on, what the par is, and distance to hole. Very amazing!


This is a handy app that allows you to book a tee time for over 5,000 courses. Simply book the time on the app, very easy. It also give you the locations of your local golf courses so you don’t get lost finding a new course. And for free, why not check it out.

V1 Golf

This is a great app to improve your golf swing. You need to get someone to take a video of your swing and then you can compare your swing to a professional via a split screen image or even overlay. This way you will see if you are lifting your club too high or low as well as any other error you are making.